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Anonymous asked: Hey so I've been accepted to UW for this fall and I was wondering if you could tell me what A&O is like at all?? Thanks :)

don’t know what that is

Anonymous asked: So I'm an incoming freshman, and I was wondering if you had any recommendations when it comes to places to eat breakfast besides getting food from the District Market? :) Also, how expensive does it get, purchasing food (mainly ingredients for making lunch/dinner, etc.) from the District Market compared to other grocery stores nearby?

the district market is TRAGIC expensive. you’re better off at the Safeway on Brooklyn or the QFC in university village. there are a few places on campus that do yummy breakfast (dawn den, etc., henry art gallery cafe, food trucks), also there are two starbucks’ on the ave.

Anonymous asked: Any suggestions for making friends at UW?

making friends here is easy! join a FIG or TRIG your first quarter, join a club as soon as possible, try and get a job on campus (that’s how i’ve made basically all of my friends).

Anonymous asked: so in order to establish residency, I have to find a job off campus. On a scale of 1 to "kill yourself" how hard is my life going to be (or will it be hard at all???)

Hi anon!

I work 25 hours per week, have an internship, and take 18 credits a quarter. TOTALLY do-able, as long as you aren’t doing engineering. Also, it’s not terribly hard to find jobs around here. U Village and the Ave are great places to look.

Anonymous asked: List the best dorms you've had

Hi anon! I never lived in the dorms because they’re JACKED UP overpriced. It’s very easy to find apartments that are within walking distance of the campus, and many are even closer than some dorms.

Anonymous asked: Best professors? As in faves!

My favorite class here was with Rachel Sanders, and it was the Politics of Literature. She’s great! I also love Professor Steven Herbert (law, geography), Rebecca Thorpe (political science), Ronald Moore (philosophy), and Professor Rachel Cichowski (law)!

heyitsbubbi asked: What is Greek life like at UW? Do they party a lot? And bad things happen like rape or violence???

Greeks here LOVE to party. But there are so many frats/sororities that some of them are more academic or ‘dry’. Also, sexual violence here isn’t as prominent as it is in a lot of places because we have Sexual Assault Resource Activists, The Coalition for Sexual Literacy, Planned Parenthood Votes, Third Wave Feminists, the Women’s Action Commission, and many other groups constantly (and vocally) fighting rape culture.

Anonymous asked: UW is my dream school, but I'm really nervous that I won't get in! My gpa is about a 3.67 and I'm aiming for at least a 1800 on the SAT. What do you think my chances are?? Also, is there anything else I should do to get noticed and get accepted? Thanks so much for your time!! :)

Hi anon! I think your chances are really really good! Also, they love diversity on your application, and part of the app is an essay on how you’ve encountered diversity, so just keep that in mind!

when I see friends I haven’t seen in a long time

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