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just a student at uw who spends too much time online with a lot of feels

Anonymous asked: does everyone at UW smoke the weed? how prevelant is drug usage on campus and do lots of kids drink alcohol too?

Pretty much everybody. 

Anonymous asked: How hard is calculus at UW? I took precalc in highschool as a junior. I'm going to be a freshman this year and was wondering if it would be too hard to jump into calc during winter quarter having not had math for a few years??? Also I really wanted to take the Q SCI 291 track as my math. Do you have any advice? Can you talk about your experiences with math at UW? Thank you :)

I’ve heard calculus is very difficult. Math classes are generally weed-out classes. However, I’ve never taken any math here because I study social sciences and have never had to. 

Anonymous asked: Why did you decide to go to UW and are you happy with your decision? What is the best and worst thing about UW?

Hello random anon, I love UW. Seattle is really great and there are opportunities for literally everyone no matter what you’re interested in. The worst thing is probably that most classes and many majors are really competitive, which does sometimes suck (no one likes to fail a class). For me, my favorite part is how easy it is to become involved in politics here.

Anonymous asked: I've always wondered what things were like at UDub. I still have a couple years to go till I can go to college, but I always like to know before hand. And with that, from what I have heard from my town, they say you need to do a lot of community service and have like a 3.8 GPA, etc... Like very high expectations. Is that true?

Hi anon! I don’t know why you’re on anon but here we go; UW is very competitive, but a 3.6 will probably be sufficient. Also, extra curricular activities are definitely important, but as long as you have three good ones you can write about, you’ll be ok. 

Anonymous asked: Hey so I've been accepted to UW for this fall and I was wondering if you could tell me what A&O is like at all?? Thanks :)

don’t know what that is

Anonymous asked: So I'm an incoming freshman, and I was wondering if you had any recommendations when it comes to places to eat breakfast besides getting food from the District Market? :) Also, how expensive does it get, purchasing food (mainly ingredients for making lunch/dinner, etc.) from the District Market compared to other grocery stores nearby?

the district market is TRAGIC expensive. you’re better off at the Safeway on Brooklyn or the QFC in university village. there are a few places on campus that do yummy breakfast (dawn den, etc., henry art gallery cafe, food trucks), also there are two starbucks’ on the ave.

Anonymous asked: Any suggestions for making friends at UW?

making friends here is easy! join a FIG or TRIG your first quarter, join a club as soon as possible, try and get a job on campus (that’s how i’ve made basically all of my friends).

Anonymous asked: so in order to establish residency, I have to find a job off campus. On a scale of 1 to "kill yourself" how hard is my life going to be (or will it be hard at all???)

Hi anon!

I work 25 hours per week, have an internship, and take 18 credits a quarter. TOTALLY do-able, as long as you aren’t doing engineering. Also, it’s not terribly hard to find jobs around here. U Village and the Ave are great places to look.

Anonymous asked: List the best dorms you've had

Hi anon! I never lived in the dorms because they’re JACKED UP overpriced. It’s very easy to find apartments that are within walking distance of the campus, and many are even closer than some dorms.

Anonymous asked: Best professors? As in faves!

My favorite class here was with Rachel Sanders, and it was the Politics of Literature. She’s great! I also love Professor Steven Herbert (law, geography), Rebecca Thorpe (political science), Ronald Moore (philosophy), and Professor Rachel Cichowski (law)!